The Goat Life(Movie) release date, cast, story, budget & trailer details

The Goat Life Movie is an upcoming film which will be seen on OTT platform very soon or the film is going to show you amazing adventure scenes which you are going to like a lot, although till now it has not been confirmed which movie this is. It is going to be released on the platform but this film will be released on OTT in two languages, Arabic and Malayalam and it is expected that on April 10, 2024, the film can be released through the OTT platform Netflix, although its digital rights have not been confirmed yet. If we talk about this film, then this film has been directed by Blessy and the lead roles of this film include famous actors like Amala Paul and Robin Das and Mukesh Tiwari who have acted in this film. The film is very well made due to its good acting and a good story and the film is in the news and can be released on the screens very soon.

The Goat Life(Movie) release date

The Goat Life(Movie)Release date
Movie nameThe Goat Life
Release date10 April 2024
Online platform nameTBA
LanguageArabic, Malayalam
Budget$ 2.5 million
GenreAdventure Drama
WriterBlessy Benyamin
EditorFinn George Modathara, A. Sreekar Prasad

Cast and role name

Cast nameRole name
Amala PaulNajeeb
Robin DasRashid
Mukesh TiwariThe master
Govind PandeyAbdul


The story of The Goat Life Movie is based on a man named Najeeb who lives as a slave in Saudi Arabia and walks goats in the desert in the scorching heat. Although he has dreamed of a bright future for himself, but his dreams remain limited to his cruel master and slavery. When he becomes useless, he becomes very dejected and how he fights against the frustration and disappointment to achieve his position. A very good adventure story has been made in this film, which you all will be able to see very soon. To know the complete story, please watch The Goat Life movie.

How to watch The Goat Life movie online

The Goat Life Movie is a film to be released on OTT platform which will be released on 10th April 2024. Till now the OTT platform of this film has not been confirmed, hence it would be better if you do not take subscription of any platform because it will take time for its release. There is about one and a half month left till now, after that when we get complete information about the digital rights and streaming platform of this film, we will provide you updates through our post, only after that you will have to take subscription.

The Goat Life movie trailer


  1. When is “The Goat Life” movie set to be released?
    • The movie is scheduled for release on April 10, 2024.
  2. On which OTT platform will “The Goat Life” be available?
    • The specific OTT platform for the movie has not been confirmed yet. Updates on the streaming platform will be provided closer to the release date.
  3. In how many languages will “The Goat Life” be released?
    • The movie will be released in two languages: Arabic and Malayalam.
  4. Who is the director of “The Goat Life” movie?
    • Blessy is the director of “The Goat Life.”
  5. Who are the lead actors in the film?
    • The lead roles are portrayed by Amala Paul, Robin Das, and Mukesh Tiwari.
  6. What is the genre of “The Goat Life” movie?
    • The movie falls under the Adventure Drama genre.
  7. What is the budget of “The Goat Life” movie?
    • The budget for the film is reported to be $2.5 million.
  8. Can you provide a brief overview of the storyline?
    • The story revolves around Najeeb, a man living as a slave in Saudi Arabia, who tends to goats in the desert. It explores his dreams and struggles against a cruel master and slavery.
  9. Are there any notable supporting cast members in the movie?
    • Yes, actors like Govind Pandey are part of the cast.
  10. How can I watch the trailer for “The Goat Life” movie?
  • The trailer for “The Goat Life” movie is not mentioned in the provided information. Please keep an eye on official sources and the movie’s release platforms for updates on the trailer.


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