Khaat (Hunters) Web Series release date, cast, story, actress name & trailer details

Khaat, a web series based on a romantic drama has been prepared, which is a web series to be released on the Hunters OTT platform and very soon you will get to see it. The Khaat web series has been made in Hindi language and the release of this web series is All the information about date actors name and story has been made available to you here. The story of this web series is about a husband and wife who romance together on the day of their wedding night, but the direction of the story changes from here when or It turns out that the bride is haunted and as soon as he lifts her veil the groom starts sweating. Some such stories have been shown here which are romantic and horror too, so in today’s post we will tell you all. Through this post, we are going to provide all the information about the release date, cast, story and trailer of Khaat web series.

Khaat Web Series release date

Web seriesRelease date
Web series nameKhaat
Release date17 January 2024
Streaming platform nameHunters app
LanguageHindi Tamil Bangla and Telugu
GenreRomantic drama
Episode running time25-30 MinutesĀ 


Rani Pari

Jugnu Modi Gandhi


The story of Khaat web series is based on a romantic and horror story, the story of this web series is a story between a bride and groom in which the bride is a witch, when both of them get married, when the groom comes to his room. So he is very happy because today was the biggest day of his life as he got married and it was his wedding night and he goes and sits on the bed near the bride but the romance of the story changes when the groom Lifts the Veil As soon as the veil is lifted, the groom starts sweating and becomes unconscious. After that the groom is taken to the doctor and the ghostly bride is searching for someone due to which she makes relations with new people every day. and she waits for someone

On the other hand, there is a husband-wife couple in which a boy named Vijay loves his wife very much and his wife is also unable to tolerate the distance from her husband, but Vijay has to go far away from home for work. Telling this, Vijay leaves from there and he goes to this room where the ghostly bride waits for him. The ghostly bride tells Vijay that today you are our guest and tonight you will never come here in your life. You will not be able to forget because tonight is going to be very beautiful, after that the bride starts romancing with Vijay. Some such romantic stories have been provided here which is quite different from the stories of other web series. And to know the complete story you will have to go to Hunters App where you will be able to see this story completely.

How to watch Khaat web series on Hunters App

  • To watch Khaat web series, first of all you have to visit the official website of Hunters or download the Hunters app on your device.
  • After that, if you are asked to log in through your email ID, then you can easily create an account and login using your email ID.
  • People should choose the Hunters Up subscription plan after having
  • After choosing the plan you have to make online payment.
  • After completing the payment process, you will get the subscription to Hunters Up.
  • In this way you will come to the dashboard of Hunters website.
  • There you will get to see the post of Khaat Web Series, by clicking on which you will be able to watch this web series very easily.
  • You can also download it for offline viewing

Khaat web series trailer


1. What is the release date of the Khaat web series? The Khaat web series is scheduled to be released on January 17, 2024.

2. On which OTT platform will the Khaat web series be available? The web series will be available on the Hunters OTT platform.

3. In which languages will the Khaat web series be released? The Khaat web series will be released in Hindi, Tamil, Bangla, and Telugu languages.

4. What genre does the Khaat web series belong to? The Khaat web series falls under the genre of Romantic Drama.

5. How long is each episode of the Khaat web series? Each episode of the web series has a running time of 25-30 minutes.

6. How many seasons are there in the Khaat web series? The Khaat web series currently has one season.

7. Who is the director of the Khaat web series? The director of the Khaat web series has not been disclosed at this time.

8. Who are the main cast members of the Khaat web series? The main cast includes Rani Pari and Jugnu Modi Gandhi.

9. Can I watch the Khaat web series offline? Yes, you can download the episodes for offline viewing through the Hunters app.

10. How can I watch the Khaat web series on the Hunters app? To watch the Khaat web series, you need to visit the official Hunters website or download the app, create an account, choose a subscription plan, make the payment, and access the series through the dashboard.


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